Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hello, Floor!

Since this seams like it may be my last, full, free weekend for a while, I made the decision to not go anywhere, not spend anything and just clean. I started a new job, and several new projects are in the works, so I really needed to banish some clutter and get everything set. It had gotten pretty bad since I came back from vacation a couple weeks ago. There was still a lot to be unpacked and laundry to be done... not to mention the still disorganized fabric and art supplies strewn liberally all over.

Yes, the smug grin on my face does mean that "was" is the optimal word.  I haven't finished every thing, but a big chunk of the every day sorts of clutter has been banished. Yesterday was full of laundry and sweeping and taking out of the trash. It also involved some procrastinating inspirational blog viewing which made me want to run out on a tour of the thrift stores to see if I could find a new bookshelf, or some kitschy china to decorate with. But I held firm. I only left the house to put the rugs out on the porch in the sun.

Today's plan involves brunch with the house-mates and re-organizing the fabric "pantry". Also, I have managed to "misplace" my back-up sewing machine... It may just be under the pile of fabric. Keep your fingers crossed for me? With the other one in the shop, waiting for a tune-up, I'm going to need this one soon.

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