Thursday, April 7, 2011

But I had a cupcake anyway.

No cleaning done today... and none yesterday. But I've hardly been home, so I haven't made any new messes either.

Accomplishment 1: The bed has been made every morning now for the last few days.

It's funny how making your bed can lead to such a sense of accomplishment. It's always been one of those details that's fallen by the wayside. But even the way the sheets and things lay all straight makes such a difference in how open and calm the room feels. I am such a perfectionist...

Accomplishment 2: The vast majority of all my bad clutter has been corralled into one spot.

It's a rather large spot, but it's just the one BAD spot. There's plenty of other little things that could be organized/arranged better, but it's not BAD. Again, this makes everything feel much more open and calm. I can find things. (Like my back up sewing machine that was 'lost' in the BAD spot.) I can move around with out worrying so much that I'm going to knock something over.

God, I make it sound like an episode of Hoarder's. It wasn't quite that bad, but when you're living in such a small space things get crowded quickly. And it's rather hard to escape the analogy that the 'clutter' in my space reflected how overwhelmed I feel/felt by all the stressors in my life. I've long suspected that if I could get my physical space "together" then the rest of my life would just fall into place.

Let's test this theory, shall we?

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