Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hypothetical Imperatives, Your Home, and You

I should really articulate what it is that I'm trying to accomplish here. (If only for myself.) Otherwise, I'll be lucky to get in the one post a month that's becoming the trend lately.

I am keeping this blog as an exploration. In a way, the spaces we inhabit are an extention of ourselves. They can describe us, and sometimes even define us (socio-economics and all that). Without going into some academic diatribe, I'm trying to parse out why I'm living in chaos and how to fix it. Hopefully, with the added effect of straightening out my life as well as my 'sock drawer'.

More importantly, I chose "Faites Maison" as the second portion of my blog title, not only because it means "home-made" but because I liked the idea of using the phrase to mean "making home" as well (in my very broken understanding of French). Breaking home, making home. I don't just want to take up space. I want to make myself at home.

There's, of course, always the fear that treating the symptom won't do much more than that... but if nothing else, maybe this blog will get me out of my head more. And if the verbosity so far hasn't scared you... well, let's see if we can't get a little more hands on.