Monday, April 23, 2012

Let down your hair

I was so excited the day I found out that Rapunzel was a real food. It was like finding Cinderella's shoe. It was almost as good as visiting Laura Ingall's cabin.

I decided right then and there that it was on the list for my non-existent someday-maybe garden. You know, when I have the time/space/green thumb. I wanted to know what Rapunzel tasted like. And secretly I wanted to know what adventures would come creeping over the wall after it.

Cut to a couple days ago when a friend alerted me that she had bought Ramps (aka Rampion, aka RAPUNZEL!!!) at the Co-op and was going to saute them with spinach. I'm pretty sure my response involved a happy dance and squeeing. And then there was a run to the Co-op for my own 'ramps', and some kale. Saute, add a little salt ... et Voila!

This color palette begs to be turned into something delicious.

I feel like a princess. 

They smell like onions, with out the tears. They taste a little like onions, too, but with out the sharpness. 

I'm going back for another bunch tomorrow... maybe I can get the bulbs to sprout?