Monday, March 28, 2011


Sweet! #1 and #3 checked off the Ta-Da list before noon.  Now on to organizing the mess-under-the-bed.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Hurrah! Tomorrow is a day off... and the only place I have to be is a couple hour stint volunteering at the Historical Society in the afternoon. Which means I can get some house work done. It's Ta-Da list time!

Thing 1: Sweep under the bed. (This includes pulling out anything that may have become shoved underneath, intentionally or unintentionally.)

Thing 2: Pull everything out of the under-the-bed box. Put the pictures in big manila envelopes and then put the pictures and the kid-me stuff in the old red suitcase in the closet.

Thing 3: Put the pretty new bed skirt on the box-spring.

Three things should be enough. The rest of the day should be hooray-for-me time. Maybe I'll paint my toes?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I had a conversation the other day with friends about the idea that each simple, household item represents some great piece of spiritual truth. I had just been reading the same thing in A Home for the Soul. So obviously something I should be paying attention to, yes? Granted, sometimes a teapot is just a tea pot...

... and sometimes the laundry you seem to dread putting away for no good reason, represents your fear of being rejected for how you look.  Huh.


I managed to last a whole two days at the new job before buying anything. I broke myself in easy, I swear. Working in a home/bedding outlet is not going to make it any easier to get out of bed in the morning. I already have plans to replace my pillows, down comforter, and buy as many super soft sheets as I can.  I am still cash poor* right now, which means that all of that's going to have to stay on the wish list for a while. But I did bring home a bed skirt.

A bed skirt seems like such a paltry detail. If it wasn't for the dust bunnies I pro'lly wouldn't care as much. But, I think that this antiqued gold bed skirt, with it's tailored pleats, will help to ground the look of my bed. Root it to the floor, instead of leaving it floating there. Give it the gravitas to be taken seriously. I think it will look more finished. Intentional.

I'm sure it won't stop the dust bunnies from holding fertility festivals under my bed. Or keep me from stubbing my toes against the caster wheels (that's a project for another day).

I do hope think it will be the kind of detail that will help me live with more intent and purpose.

*I really like my choice of the phrase "cash poor".  I almost used "broke", which I don't think is quite right, though I would be the first to agree that I feel "broken" for various reasons on any given day of the week. And the word "poor", alone, isn't right either since I am very wealthy in loved ones, stories, and fabric. "Cash poor" helps remind me that I still have many, many things to be rich in.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Maybe she's born with it...?

Bought two things in the last couple weeks guaranteed to make me feel like an adult: new sheets and a new tube of red lipstick. Sometimes you've just gotta.