Sunday, December 12, 2010

Now, tell me what you really think of me...

I dreamt, last night, that I had made it on Project Runway. Not entirely surprising, since I love the show, and would love to compete on it. But not only had I made it on the show, I dreamed that I had gotten half way through the season!

Great right? Riiiiiiiight.

Up until they some how managed to forget me at the apartment, and none of the other contestants said anything. I panicked a bit, but somehow managed to get over to Parson's - only to find them already under way on the challenge! Which was to work on a collection, in two teams.

Apparently, most of the contestants had decided they didn't like me, and my team was not that happy that I had turned up. There was some comments of how I wasn't much of a designer, and they didn't know how'd I'd lasted that long. They were afraid I'd make them lose the challenge so I'd better make exactly what they said, and so on.

Looking back, I'm actually rather proud of how I handled my self in this dream. You see, I didn't cry or feel sorry for myself one bit. I just got pissed off. And told them so. I don't remember just what I said, but I believe it was basically a "go f--k yourselves, I will sew what ever the hell I want to sew, and it will be glorious, you a--holes. See you at Fashion Week."  Then one of the other girls made some comment under her breath at the next table over. So, with out looking up my sewing, I yelled back, "I heard that, a--hole." Very loudly.

Even if dreams are only extensions of your consciousness, I'm rather glad I told myself off. Only I wish I really could meet Tim Gunn.

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